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Mike England, What's new in 2024

It’s been exactly 3 years since I shared my career goals, largely due to the whirlwind that was 2023. So, here’s a quick recap. The year began with me continuing my role as a development manager at Kinsta. However, in early November, like many others, I found myself unexpectedly laid off, along with my entire team. This turn of events prompted deep reflection on my career aspirations and values.

Reflecting on a post I wrote in 2021, I revisited my core goals and took time for introspection. Despite the three-year gap, my goals and interests remain consistent.

Other Life Events since 2021:

  • My son is now 3!
  • I built a 350z drift car and have had some incredible track days.
  • I started branching out my learning into the Arduino ecosystem as a fun hobby.
  • I’ve fully embraced markdown as my primary writing source (blog coming in the near future for this).
  • I traveled outside of the USA for the first time in my life, which included Prague, Budapest, Munich, and Amsterdam.
  • I rebuilt my personal site with Astro.js AND LOVE IT! (New blog on this in the near future as well)
  • I used some of my down time to focus on writing an epublication series about the GitHub CLI.

Looking Ahead

While I found fulfillment as a development manager at Kinsta, I hesitated to pursue a similar path elsewhere unless the company culture resonated with me. As of now, I’ve decided to return to development. My time as a manager provided invaluable insights, offering a deeper understanding of the leadership perspective and honing my communication skills, which was time well spent.

Here’s what I’ve identified as crucial:

  • I thrive in product-focused environments, particularly those that prioritize data-driven strategies for enhancement.
  • I welcome opportunities to broaden my skill set with technologies that have long-term relevance. My tenure at Kinsta provided valuable insights into database management.
  • I greatly enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting and resolving production issues. In fact, I approach it as though I’m writing a mystery to unravel.
  • Despite the changes, my passion for working with JavaScript, React, Node, and other JS-based applications remains unwavering.
  • I am committed to collaborating with individuals who inspire and challenge me to evolve as a developer.
  • I place great importance on meticulous note-taking and knowledge sharing within the organization. There’s immense satisfaction in being able to recall even the smallest details.

Key Insights

Despite the unexpected setbacks of 2023, I consider myself fortunate to have swiftly recovered. Beyond the layoff, my time at Kinsta was one of the most enriching professional experiences I’ve had, and I aspire to find a similar work culture in the future. As for 2024, I remain focused on advancing my career in development and pursuing my passions.

Micheal England

Article by Micheal England.

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