Micheal England

I'm Mike England

Frontend Engineer / Designer / Motorcycle Enthusiast

About Me

I'm a Frontend Engineer at WebDevStudios and I build awesome websites. I enjoy doing everything from building out the concept, optimizing the frontend for performance, and testing for accessibility.

Code Skills

I enjoy writing clean code and creating user experiences. Here are some of the areas I'm focused on currently.

  • JavasScript & ES6
  • NPM & Webpack
  • Gutenberg
  • Gatsby
  • React

Design Skills

Like many front-enders I started out as a designer creating everything from branding projects to website concepts.

100 Days of Code

Outside of work, I'm participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge. During this time I've been working leveling up my JavaScript skills, building out WordPress plugins, and recreating my site with Gatsby.

Find me on CodePen

Fun fact, I'm a huge fan of CodePen and love using it to create quick concepts.

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Let's Connect

Want to discuss a project? Message me on Twitter.

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