Mike England

JavaScript & React developer with a passion for crafting exceptional digital experiences.

Professional Journey

With a background in design and development, I've consistently improved processes, enhanced product quality, and pursued continuous learning to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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Key Skills

  • Proficient in React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js
  • Skilled in project leadership and team management
  • Effective communicator adept at coaching and mentoring
  • Experienced in building and managing high-traffic web applications
  • Passionate learner and problem solver
Purple luminescent mechanical keyboard.

Design Background

I believe it's important to remember where you started, and my journey began as a designer. I spent years in the field, creating everything from branding projects to website concepts. To this day, I apply many design disciplines to create, build, and test applications.

Iconography design layout sheet.

Arduino & Drifting

In my free time, I like to find ways to combine my passion for technology with my love for drifting cars. In one of my recent projects, I made an OBDII reader that connects to my Nissan 350z using an ESP32 microcontroller and bluetooth.

ESP8266 microcontoller with breadboard running an LCD screen.

Productivity Tips

I greatly enjoy sharing workflow and productivity hacks. In fact, I created a series in which I share how to get up and running with the GitHub CLI!

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Looking for My Next Role

Seeking a skilled JS, Node, or React developer? Connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's discuss how I can contribute to your team's success!